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King of Pop Michael Jackson Music Video

Which version you like in these 3 most popular?
Jackson 5 - Original Version (1970)
Michael Jackson Live Concert (1992)
Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz - Michael Jackson Memorial (2009)
Michael Jackson King of Pop Music
Estimated Michael Jackson has had over 750 million records worldwide .Michael Jackson did not write his songs on paper that
different to other artists. He would like dictated into a sound recorder, and sing the lyrics from his memory when the
His Instruments: Vocals, guitar, beat box, piano, drums
I'll be there live" - I'd loved this song so much! I can say this is an old song, a pop old song! It is 43 years old! However,
until now, it still popular in the world, especially for American; who has never sang this song for school graduation, farewell
party, Karaoke, even many singers have covered the versions of this song in their ensemble!
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Jackson Song - You're not alone!